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Recently, I featured before and after photos on Instagram of all the renovation/redesign projects my husband and I have done since we lived here in the house. I thought it would be a cool way to look through all we accomplished in one shot, and people seemed to like it. So I figured I would share a post on the subject as well, since I have written about them in the past. Think of this as an outline to all we’ve done. I hope it inspires you to diy and have fun in the process. Enjoy!

Renovation Recap - Entryway

Half Bath
Renovation Recap - Half Bath

Renovation Recap - Kitchen

Living Room
Renovation Recap - Living Room

Dining Room
Renovation Recap - Dining Room

Renovation Recap - Office

Renovation Recap - Stairwell

Master Bath
Renovation Recap - Master Bath

Master Bedroom
Renovation Recap - Master Bedroom