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Branding and Marketing 101

My course, Branding and Marketing 101: A Guide to Boost Your Business, Inspire Ideas, and Create a Brand that Represents You and Your Work, is now ready for purchase! I have been working hard these past months on this project and am excited to finally launch it.

If you are a creative just starting out or have been in business for awhile and need a little direction, this guide can help you jump start your path to success and create a strong foundation, which is key to any business. I explore all the important elements within branding and marketing and share tips on how to organize your ideas and use conceptual thinking to allow the process to flow with ease. PLUS, some bonus material, helpful resources, and special offers! Visit http://bit.ly/brandingandmarketing101 to learn more.

Here are just SOME of what the course covers:
– how to brainstorm your business, from mission to overall style
– how to organize ideas and inspiration to develop a cohesive, powerful brand
– the 3 essential tools you need to get started
– a review of social media platforms
– suggested print materials you need for your business to grow and how to create them

Right now I am offering the course at a LIMITED TIME PRICE OF $50! So why not take this opportunity to invest a little in your business and gain a bunch of information that will surely make your brand stronger and marketing skills sharper?

Just visit http://bit.ly/brandingandmarketing101 to learn more and purchase the course now!