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I didn’t know what to expect with this film, but I was happy I chose to watch it. I’m a fan of Ryan Reynolds so I knew I would like it to some extent. You definitely need a strange sense of humor to enjoy it, that’s for sure.

The story is about a young man who has mental issues from his childhood and is trying to live a normal life, but there is nothing normal about it. He thinks his dog and cat can talk so converses with them daily on a range of topics, mostly discussing his life. When a crush at work leads to murder, everything seems to unravel and get worse. The sad thing is, he can’t help himself, but is really not a bad guy.

If you like offbeat films, then this one is for you. It brings a bunch of laughs with a serious undertone that you just can’t ignore. The music is great and the cast are all good at portraying their characters. All in all, its a unique black comedy that will not only make you smile, but be horrified at the same time.