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I spotted this big guy this afternoon before we headed out to my in laws, he was just hanging around. We got back a few hours later and I went out to water and he was still there. Except this time he was at the top and seemed to be in distress, as if he was stuck and couldn’t get down. Now I’m no bug expert but it really did seem as if he was in need of some help. I watched him for a bit while I watered to see if maybe he would fly away or walk down, something. But he didn’t. He just kept going in nervous circles at the top. I felt really bad and wanted to help. So I gave him a hand by holding one of my bamboo sticks (I use these as stakes) out by him so he could get on. He gladly did and started to walk along the stick towards me. I put it on the ground and he boot scooted away on the grass.

I know this may not seem like a big deal but it made me happy to help this beetle. I’ve never been one to like bugs, they are actually one of the very few things I’m kind of afraid of. But lately, especially since we have started our garden, I’ve gotten used to these little guys being around me more. The beetles, the slugs, the snails, the bees, the spiders, the butterflies, the praying mantis and all the strange looking bugs that live and visit our property daily… they are all special and important in their own way. I appreciate them all, even if some want to eat our veggies. Lol. I’m here to help them thrive as much as I can and give them a place to be free. And the fact that I’m getting more comfortable coexisting with them just proves that when you allow nature to be an integral part of your life and surround yourself with its beauty, magical things happen. Change happens. Evolution happens. You truly see how we are all connected, no matter how tiny something might be. And there is a huge lesson to be learned in that. I am so grateful for what the Earth teaches me. I am just so fucking grateful.