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I feel that how you choose to start your day can have an effect on how it ends. And that means from the moment you wake up. How are you feeling? Who do you interact with? What do you read or watch? What do you eat? Where are you? These are all factors that will help play out your day and direct you down a particular path.

This morning I decided to drink my tea outside and listen to the birds. I walked out to two blue jays looking for food then focused on what was around me. So many beautiful sounds. I sat on our patio steps and just took them all in, as I watched a cardinal and a mourning dove find seeds on the grass. The leaves slowly fell from the trees as squirrels jumped from the branches and a variety of birds perched from flying. I appreciated the faint cool breeze that kissed my skin. I looked up as a few seagulls flew over our home and listened as they talked to each other and heard geese in the distance. This was the kind of morning I need everyday. Peaceful, calm and with nature. It just puts so many things into perspective.

This feeling I have right now is something I never want to end. Mother Earth is and will always be my sanctuary. Happy Sunday!