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This morning we started our nature study by reading The Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter Solstice by Wendy Pfeffer and Elliot colored a WINTER SOLSTICE letter sheet with colors that remind him of the season. Then we looked at a winter forest in The Magic & Mystery of Trees by Jen Green and created our own forest with paint, glue, stencils I created and salt for snow.

After lunch we made a super tasty snack plate for our little friends and left the goodies in all our usual spots. Between the Cheerios, apples, carrot sticks and peanuts they surely have a lot of options. I also made some birdseed and peanut butter drops which I know the birds and squirrels love. Hopefully, our treats will fill them up before the storm hits.

Then to continue with all things winter, we got cozy with a snack and read Winter Sleep: A Hibernation Story by Sean Taylor & Alex Morss. A really nice story explaining why certain animals sleep during the colder months and beautifully illustrated as well. Tomorrow we are going to learn a bit more about our sleepy friends, get crafty with a fun project, and draw in our nature journal.