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This week we started a new routine and now have 3 days at home for learning. The other 2 days Elliot goes to the co-op for a few hours and so far so good. We also started the new theme of the @harborandsprout curriculum, Chemistry, and are still using the winter nature study by @treehouse_schoolhouse and exploring nature with children by @raisinglittleshoots.

To kick off the new year we learned all about states of matter, snow, and explored stars and constellations, specifically about the ones we see in the winter sky. We also got crafty and made kite paper snowflakes for our windows and created Orion and Canis Major with stars and toothpicks. We were also able to squeeze in an art study with a piece by Paul Klee (cubism). Looking forward to a season of fun and feeling cozy ✨

+ States of matter: @harborandsprout
+ Snow resources: @treehouse_schoolhouse
+ Star materials: @raising_up_wild_things

Open Books:
+ Constellations by Kelsea Johnson
+ Little Kids First Big Book of Space