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Finding Inspiration Through Nature

Finding inspiration for any event or project is really important. It helps bring out creativity and push you to come up with amazing ideas. Nature is one place I have always trusted to give me inspiration. Whether it was a painting, a poem or designing an interior space, Mother Earth has never let me down. The fact I love about nature is it will never die or get old and certainly never become outdated. With the beautiful elements of nature, you can create spectacular designs that will stand the test of time.

I took a photograph in New Hope a couple of years ago that popped up while I was looking through old work. This scene has always been in the back in my mind because I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I loved how the building was old and had ivy growing all over it. It showed a sense of age and vintage appeal I really connected with. Although a bit overgrown, the grass added a nice element to the space. The green tones and softness in its freedom brought a nice texture to the water behind it. And how can you not love the view of the trees across the water. You can’t see it here, but there is a bridge to the right that introduced a hard element to the area, making the naturalness almost fantasy like.

As an inspiration, this setting brought images of moss, dew and various neutral tones to the surface. While playing with these pictures in my head I came up with a conservatory theme. I love this idea for a room in a home, especially for a foyer or a sitting room. This, for sure, will be something I explore in my new home.

When pulling inspiration from the photo, try not to be so literal. I would recommend bringing in wood furniture that has a rustic, aged feel. Gray blues would be nice on the walls. This would mirror the sky and water. Incorporating real plants is a must. I imagine leafy plants and herbs in terra cotta pots and various clay vessels. Showcasing vintage crates and cheese boxes will bring more vintage appeal. Laying down moss inside of them would look earthy and raw.

I wouldn’t include metals so much as I would glass but bronze and rusty finishes would be fitting. Old jars of all sizes and colors would be great. Fill them with small rocks or pebbles, even tiny succulents would work. You want the room to feel lush without being congested. Be careful not to modernize it to much. This theme is not about being modern or contemporary, it’s about authenticity. Floors should be natural elements such as wood, brick, stone or cork. It will help tie the whole space together.

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