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There are so many ways to create a rustic woodland feel in your home. The same goes for events but you want it to be subtle. Try not to overdo it. Sometimes I see events, both weddings and parties, that are a little over the top. When creating a nature theme its best to present the design as authentic as possible. I mean, that’s the beauty of nature. It’s natural, organic and simple. So when there is a plethora of natural elements such as trees, plants, grass and other real or handmade items inside an interior space, it just doesn’t look right. You might as well go outside and have the event there. I don’t get the point.

Besides, I personally think it often ends up looking tacky, cheap and way too crafty. If people want that look, fine, but just know having the event outside will always be more authentic. If you want that woodland, garden theme than take a few elements you love from nature and showcase them in the simplest ways. Remember, a little goes a long away and too much can take away or distract your guests from the true meaning of the event.

Also, be careful not to be so literal. I saw an episode of My Fair Wedding last week that, in my opinion, was unsuccessful. I think David Tuterra is a good designer but he always seems to do too much. This one particular show, the California bride wanted a winter wonderland wedding. Already, she has the location against her. David set up the ceremony outside and along with other winter elements, he had a few girls in weird winter costumes move their hands around like it was snowing. It looked horrible and tacky. I thought she said she wanted a winter theme, not Halloween!

The reception was held inside a large modern hall located on a university’s property. The place was nice but the brick red rug threw the whole theme off. Although I thought the birch trees, lighting and various beads were too much it wouldn’t have looked as bad without that rug there. I was waiting for Santa to arrive, haha. Everything was white and here you had this red rug that you couldn’t miss. This is one reason why I don’t like renting halls or other venues like this one. There are certain elements the venue has you cannot change. So you either have to work around it or have an eyesore.

Here are some inspirations to lead you in the right direction.

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