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I am so excited to share this new series with my readers. Another feature of color schemes I created with Kate Smith for Sensational Color is finally live! Since I have always loved film and explored all aspects of its creative process, it is no surprise I would create an inspiration palette from what I have learned and how I view this craft.

All the chosen films may be different but each have a distinct color scheme that adds to the films’ overall appeal. In addition, they are all works I love and highly recommend you see, if you haven’t already. The first feature is The Dark Crystal. Enjoy!

{you can find all these palettes on the Color in Films page as well}

Color in Cinema - The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal, a film by Jim Henson and Frank Oz, is known for its imaginative characters and sci-fi feel. The color palette the film plays off of comes from nature. With its darker tones and romantic hues, the story unfolds as the main characters take a journey to find the missing shard of a magical crystal in hopes to restore order to the world. Let this exciting quest take you on a colorful journey to a planet far far away where destiny, harmony and good and evil is truly explored.