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I am sure you all know I absolutely love paper. If you don’t than where have you been? You can check out my Pinterest board, My Love Affair for Paper, to see why if you haven’t already. But now I have to talk about paper artist and illustrator Jayme McGowan. She has taken the craft to new heights with her 3D dioramas and I must say, I am a huge fan.

Jayme lives and works in Sacramento, California where she creates wonderful little imaginary scenes we all would like to travel to. She illustrates unique characters then brings them to life. The final product are hand cut creatures so lovable, you wish you could be transformed as well.

You can find her work at her Etsy shop, Roadside Projects, where 5×7 and 8×10 prints are available. The piece I chose for the palette spoke to me through form, personality and most of all color. From the pastel blues and pinks to the neutral gray tones, I just couldn’t resist. I also love the addition of pattern and detail, which you will find in all of her work. Like I said before, Jayme takes the craft to new heights.

Look to her work for inspiration that brings a unique and whimsy feel to any event or space. Her talent for creating movement and emotion will certainly impress you, as it did for me. I recommend you check out all her work and maybe even send a little “hello, you rock”. You can read more about her process and the latest news on her blog and don’t forget to like her Facebook page too.

Art Inspired Palette: Jayme Mcgowan