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Jeff Soto is one of my favorite artists. His work is incredibly inspiring and within the genius of his art, the color schemes he chooses are beautiful and free. With a mix of illustration and paint, his graffiti style pieces have been shown throughout the world in numerous galleries and shows.

Born in California and a graduate from the Art Center College of Design, Soto has been inspired by his youth, hip hop and popular culture. One can clearly see this in his work. I would describe his imaginative style as wild, alive and organic. There seems to be no boundaries to his aesthetic which I admire. The “no holds bar” approach highly resonates with me.

His piece, Spring, is one of many that I adore. I felt with the season at our door, it was perfect to showcase. Between the pastels and earthy feel, I fell in love. The contrast of dark and light is superb as well. I recommend you check his other work out if you aren’t familiar with it. It’s one artist you will never forget.

Art Inspired Palette: Jeff Soto