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A commercial space like a coffee bar or café is obviously designed very differently to a living area. This is due to its features and that the interior is under the public eye and therefore must have an aesthetic sense and also a business mindset.

The huge variety in possibilities that an interior designer can provide to a café often depends on its location, size and clientele. After valuating all of these factors a combination of materials, textures, colors and lines can create an appropriate atmosphere which can enhance a space but also make it functional for both staff and customers.

Guest Post: Cafe & Coffee Bar Interior Design Tricks & Tips

The Use of Color
A trick used by interior designers to make a dark room lighter is the use of specific colors. Many people think that using light colors will improve this but actually it doesn’t. It is much better to choose bright colors, which reflect light and turn your café into a more vivid space.

Guest Post: Cafe & Coffee Bar Interior Design Tricks & Tips

Entryway Tips
The entrance design is crucial to the success of the café because that is where customers make the decision to visit. The trick here is to create a mix of ambiance that is welcoming, warm and informative. In some cases that would meant choosing the sizing guide for the perfect rug to place. Someone nearby the café needs to feel attracted by the entrance and this will persuade him or her to have a coffee. Your café will be judged by its so-called ‘cover’, the entrance. The lines, textures and materials in display will set a tone and if used correctly create warmth to the customer. You can see some examples in this cafè design web site.

Layout of the Space
The layout of the coffee bar is often personalized to the clientele. There is a vast range of seating options from benches providing a more communal atmosphere to divided tables that can provide more privacy. The layout is often based on the shop location and clientele. For example, the many city cafes that include single seating facing outwards towards the street or square. The reason behind this is because many of the coffee drinkers are alone with either books or laptops and therefore it makes more sense for them to be able to look out the window.

Guest Post: Cafe & Coffee Bar Interior Design Tricks & Tips

{Giulia Ricci is an italian designer. She’s working as free-lance design specialist for some design companies.}