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When it comes to seasonal decorating everyone wants a stylish and sleek look, not the usual commercial over the top presentation. Here are few ideas you can try during this holiday season.

If you always put your decorations in the same place then why not rearrange things. It’s fun and  won’t cost you anything.

Instead of having the traditional Christmas tree why not use books to make one. It really is easy and more modern. Just pile on layers of books making the piles smaller length wise on top. Once you have accomplished this, then wrap Christmas lights around it.
Guest Post: Seasonal Decorating Ideas
Photo Credit: Neatorama

Cut bits of tinsel and tie it on chairs at home. If you have a floor lamp then use that for Christmas décor too.

Use warm colors in your home. This does not mean you have to redecorate everything, just tiny adjustments will enhance your room and give it a seasonal effect. Instead of new carpet or flooring add a rug that will compliment the color of your floor.

If you’ve run out of room because there is too much décor, try taking extra ornaments and hang them on interior curtain poles.
Guest Post: Seasonal Decorating Ideas
Photo Credit: (left) Cozy Little House (right) Free Home Decorating Ideas

Create a display for all your Christmas cards. Stick a piece of string on one of your walls and hang the cards on them rather than causing clutter.
Guest Post: Seasonal Decorating Ideas
Photo Credit: Summer Holiday Vintage

Pick up leaves or cut out snowflakes and put them in glass frames and display them around the house.

Take an old jar and put fake snow inside of it to create a holiday globe. Include a festive icon such as a snowman or a christmas tree and you’ve created a wonderful decoration.
Guest Post: Seasonal Decorating Ideas
Photo Credit: Worley’s Lighting

When you have finished snuggle up with a cosy blanket, light some candles and enjoy your Christmas.

{Shehla Ali has written this article on behalf of Poles Direct, a supplier of curtain rods in the UK.}