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Who hasn’t seen Beetlejuice? The story of this film is one to be remembered. Unique and strange as it is, the characters will make you laugh till you cry. You are sure to be constantly inspired by the original ideas that are expressed and how they are showcased.

Set in the New England countryside, a young couple decide to take the summer and restore/decorate their dream home. Suddenly, they both die in a car crash on the way home but realize they have become the undead. The story plays with the idea of death but with humorous undertone. As time goes by, a new family from New York move in the home with plans to renovate and turn it into a contemporary disaster. The couple try their hardest to scare the New Yorkers away while also deal with the fact that they are indeed dead, even though it feels like they are alive. All the while establishing a relationship with the one person who sees them, the depressed daughter.

Then comes Beetlejuice, who surely doesn’t need an introduction. Once the couple meet him, they gain knowledge about the undead as well as get into some trouble. The adventures are wacky and brilliant while as the same time exposing a dark side of life. I love how the color palette revolves around nature, with light and dark tones used to illustrate the emotion that runs through the film. With a happy ending, the film also tells a tale of friendship and love, which ties in very well with the characters.

This is one film from the past will always be current and sure to make you smile. Pops of color light the way as darker neutrals take you down the comedic depths of death. How can one resist?

Color in Films: Beetlejuice