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Now that spring is here, I can’t stop thinking of our vegetable gardens my husband and I plan to set up this year. Being able to grow what we eat is truly amazing to me. Having enough to share is even better.

I live right next to a nursery, which I love, and the other day I went over to take a look around at their selection so far. It was nice to be around all the garden goodies and flowers, especially since this kitchen renovation has been taking over my life lately. To take a break and be with nature for a little bit was seriously needed. It also helped me get in the mode of planning a few pretty areas around the house. To start I bought a few packs of flowers and planted them in pots for the backyard for some color. Already it brightened up the space.

Our cherry trees in the back are finally blooming, something I have been impatiently waiting for. They are so pretty with their little white flowers. We have three which came with the house and I love them. I like to go back there with the dogs and relax sometimes. It’s so nice to be able to do that on my own property.

This photo was taken a few years ago while my husband and I were visiting Connecticut. We passed a garden and I had to take pictures. I look at this and remind myself that our gardens will soon come. The beauty in all fresh food and herbs will shine brightly in my backyard and I will truly be one happy girl.

Basil - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena