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Going to yard sales can not only save the money in your wallet, but it can also give you tons of inspiration! You know what they say—another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Going through yard sales can be frustrating at times, especially when you aren’t specifically looking for something. However, I got some top things to look for at yard sales, that’ll keep you on your toes, and inspire you into creating your own designs for your very own home.

Yard Sales: What to Look for and What to Avoid
Photo Credit: 92.9 Jack FM

Usually at yard sales, there is plenty of art work that they are trying to get rid of. Now, try to not pay attention to the art work within the frame (unless you really like it), and just look at the frame itself. Reusing old and unique antique framed art can really dress up the look in your living space.

Let’s be more specific—wooden furniture. This way, you can aspire to decorate and design it in whichever fashion you like; even if it’s just refurnishing it. This is a quick and simple fix up, and something that can look great in your house: a dresser, a kitchen table, a night stand—you name it!

This can include Tupperware, mason jars, or even china plates! You’ll be really surprised at some of the dishware found at yard sales. These are all things that are valuable and usable. If you’re able to get your hands on china plates, all the more power to you!

These three items can really help you narrow down what you’re searching for at yard sales, and can keep your eyes focused on the prize. These items can also be easily reused for decoration and design for your own home, resulting in overall happiness between seller and buyer. Even though there are great finds at yard sales, there are also things you want to stay away from.

Now, this can all be up to you. Usually however, bugs like the home of used mattresses, sleeping bags, etc. There is a reason they are trying to sell this—and it’s better to stay away from it, rather than rack up exterminator fees.

If they are selling any type of electronic (dvd player, mp3 player, etc.) it’s either because it’s out of date, or doesn’t work. Stay away from these!

Unless the person you’re buying the clothes for is with you, then I would suggest not buying any sort of apparel. These clothes (even though you can find great deals) are loose, and were eventually formed to fit the seller. If you’re going to buy apparel, make sure and check the size, and the size of the person you’re buying it for.

Yard sales can be fun—you can find great deals, and amazing things to decorate the home. Just because someone else thinks it’s unusable, doesn’t mean you can’t recreate it to make a masterpiece of your very own. Get creative, and have fun!

Written by Edward Stuart