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There have been plenty of times in my life when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. Just like most people. Staying positive and being strong has helped me move past these road blocks as well as having patience. Sometimes you just have to stop and breathe to see the bigger picture. Know that everything happens for a reason.

This photo was taken a few years in Bellmore, NY at the Meroke Preserve.  I have always loved pathways, whether they be a bridge, a road, or just a simple trail, they remain one of my favorite things to photograph. Its become such a connection to my life, the will to keep moving forward.

You may not see a clear path in this shot, but I do. The trees are silently guarding it and the sun is delicately lighting the way. Nature always shows you where to go. Sometimes you have to look a little deeper and really think about the best way to move forward in life. Don’t let anything or anyone get you down. Be positive, stay motivated, and kick ass. Hopefully, just like me, you will always find a way to succeed.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Finding a Way - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena