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I am a big fan of M. Night Shyamalan, always was and always will be. I think he is such a great storyteller. He brings a true sentimental touch to the screen that leaves you thinking much more than when you started. The Village is one of those films. One of my favorites from his collection, its a tale of protection, fear, and love. With beautiful cinematography, flawless set and art direction, and an amazing group of actors, The Village explores the boundaries of good and evil and true love.

The film takes place in a small Pennsylvania village cut off from the rest of the world. The elders have built it to protect their children from the “wicked”. There are known monsters that live beyond the village and because of this watch towers and barriers of oil lanterns have been constructed for their protection. The time is 1987 but the villagers live an Amish lifestyle, no electricity and a simple way of living.

The main couple, Lucias and Ivy, express their love for each other and plan to soon marry. When a young boy dies and Lucias asks to go into “the towns” for medicine, he is denied. However, he ventures out anyway. The color red is used throughout the film as the bad color, and is seen on doors & shown through flowers when the monsters are near. Red cloaks also cloth their bodies. While he is away, the village has a visit from these beings and it startles everyone into a frenzy. A few days after Lucias gets back, he sadly gets stabbed by another man, Noah, in the village, who loves the girl as well. Unfortunately, he has developmental issues and doesn’t truly realize what he has done.

In order to help Lucias, Ivy gets ready for her trip to the towns for medicine. Although she is blind, she is strong willed and eventually makes it back with the items she needs. The journey through the woods is one of terror and truimph, as she comes across one of the monsters and defeats it. But there is a major secret in the village that unfolds through the film and in the end another life is lost because of it.

Told through the colors of nature and New England beauty, The Village is a remarkable tale filled with lessons on life and love. From the mossy greens and earthy browns to the pops of yellow and red, the backdrop of the woods truly allows for a peaceful, yet haunting feel. There are scenes that will surely win you over and ones that will startle your inner being. Another great story with a message that will continue to be relevant as the years go by.

Color in Films: The Village