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Aphex Twin was a big part of my youth. As I got older his music played roles in special memories of mine, ones I would never forget. When certain sounds find their way into your life and act as a soundtrack, you know its good. This is just one of albums that I really connected with. Just the light, airy sounds and unique combination of ambient beats took me to another place. There surely is no other to compare to Aphex Twin.

The album artwork is grungy and distorted, with the color of rust the main character. The play with light really creates a beautiful array of tone and shadow, while it goes from cream to orange and then to brown. And with the texture these colors display behind it, you just wish you could feel its beauty.

This is a nice palette to take in consideration when using warm hues in your home or event. Orange has so many shades, from tangerine to the carrot color we all know, and you can find a lot of them here. The same with yellow and brown, which also incorporates the red family. A whole lot of warmth resonates from this album, both inside and out.

Sound in Color: Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Volume II