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There’s nothing like a good 80s film to bring you back to crazy filmmaking. Howard the Duck is definitely one of those pictures that is way out there, but how can you resist? Released in 1986, the film was based off the Marvel comic of the same name. Sadly, it received bad reviews at the time. However, I feel its one you shouldn’t miss.

The story starts in Duckworld, where Howard lives. One night while relaxing and reading the paper, he suddenly gets blown out of his apartment into the universe, and then lands on Earth, ending up in Cleveland, Ohio. As he arrives, he witnesses two guys attacking a girl and helps her. The victim, Beverly, takes him back to her place to stay as a thank you for saving her. He explains his story and she says she will try to get him back to his planet.

After meeting with a lab assistant they thought was a scientist, Howard thought it was useless so he started getting comfortable on Earth. He gets a job at a spa which he winds up quitting and then later becomes the manager of Beverly’s band, Cherry Bomb, after he learned their previous manager was no good for them. Eventually, scientists visit them and share answers as to how Howard got to Earth. From there the journey begins to get him back home but disaster happens when something goes wrong and evil creatures are brought into the picture. In the end, it all comes to a decision to go home back to Duckworld or stay on Earth and protect it from harm.

A wacky science fiction story it may be, but unique and funny as well. The color palette is one of brighter hues, explored through 80s fashion and decor. Boy, have times changed. You will find all colors of the rainbow in this one.

Color in Films: Howard the Duck