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My husband and I are are still doing small improvements throughout our house. And even though there is always something that needs to be done, a lot of the main projects have been finalized, which is awesome. We have worked so hard making this house a home and I love it more and more each day.

Recently, we tackled the small hallway on our second floor. The original hardwood floors  were not taken care of. Besides the horrible color the previous owners stained them with, they were in bad shape. I’ve had to keep small rugs down since we’ve been here to cover the area because if you walked by barefoot, splinters are definitely a sure thing. It’s been bothering me for over a year and I had enough. It was time to get this project checked off the list.

It was a little bit of a process, like everything else is, but within a week we finished it. It took Dan 2 days to sand when he was done, I took over. Our original plan was to stain it over, but after I thought about it I decided to paint it gray like the stairwell. It just made more sense. So after 2 coats of paint and a layer of polyurethane, the floor was done. I also cleaned up the molding and repainted that as well so it all looked fresh. We are both so happy with the results.

Buying a house is a huge accomplishment. What’s an even bigger accomplishment is renovating it yourself and making it yours. It’s much easier to purchase a property and keep it as is, but what’s so fun about that? My husband and I take so much pride in all the work we put into our home and with every project we finish, it seems to love us more. And even though I am one to get things done asap, I have learned to relax a bit when it comes to stuff like this. Doing a little at a time, will pay off. It can’t all get done in one day!

Below is the before and after of our floor. I am so excited to finally have it done. Doing small projects like this on a regular basis keep you in a steady groove and help you realize that when things are done a little at a time, you can appreciate them so much more. Overloading yourself with a million things to do just isn’t worth the stress. Pace yourself and enjoy every moment because its not just the final results that are gratifying, its the process and journey you’ve taken to get there.

Inspiration Photo Friday: A Little at a Time