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When London based band, Bloc Party released their first album, Silent Alarm, I was hooked. It seemed they came around at the perfect time. It’s crazy to think that was 8 years ago. They are a nice combination of melodic sound, smooth rhythm, and beats that will get on up on your feet. And with Okereke’s young and fresh vocals it was definitely a powerhouse of an album.

The cover of the album is a beautiful serene photograph of a field in winter. I am in love with the cold neutrals of gray and taupe against the stark white sky and ground. So pretty. It’s simple, yet eye catching. Kind of like the title, Silent Alarm, quiet yet loud. I feel this translates well to the music in that it speaks volumes. There are a lot of elements to the songs on this album and if you don’t really listen, you might miss some of the genius details that make it so great. Just like missing something if you don’t look  deep enough. One of my faves for sure.

Sound in Color: Bloc Party - Silent Alarm