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I have been in love with nature since I can remember. Always wanting to be surrounded by grass and trees and getting inspired by the beautiful varieties and colors of plants and flowers, Mother Nature will forever have my heart.

The spring and summer seasons are nice but fall is my favorite. It’s full of rustic hues and woodsy tones and sets up the stage for the Earth to shed its skin. Baring it all for us to see. How romantic is that? And through the whole process, we can experience the most beautiful weather filled with crisp air, refreshing winds, and just enough warmth from the sun. And although the trees will eventually let go of their leaves and flowers no longer bloom, the idea of harvest sets in. It’s time for a whole new world of color, flavor, and adventure.

I took this photo in our yard yesterday. Every now and then I take a walk to the very back and look around. From the cherry and pear trees to the overgrowth on the fence, there is just so much to love. The funny thing, we didn’t create any of it. All this beauty was here when we got here and has been part of the property for many years and I wouldn’t change a thing. Now we can experience history and the future in this little piece of heaven we call home.

I believe falling in love with people is not healthy because you should be uplifted when love is in your heart. But when it comes to the glorious Mother Nature, I fall in love more and more everyday. There is just something about the Earth that makes you want to fall into it and breathe it in. To climb a tree and be within its branches, to lay in the grass and feel it between your toes, to explore a woodsy trail and feel at peace when the forest consumes you….there is nothing in the world that can bring this much pleasure. And to experience this everyday in my own backyard, is the best gift of all.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Falling in Love