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Autumn in officially here and I am seriously loving it. Finally, the cool weather has arrived and small transformations can been seen in nature. Soon, there will be vibrant hues surrounding us as the trees slowly bare their souls and the hints of spring we cherish from fresh blooms hide away for the colder season. So many changes to experience.

Last year, my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Prince Edward Island and at this time a few days away from packing up and heading home. So many memories I will hold close to my heart. The one thing I felt made a huge difference in our visit was the month we chose to go. Autumn is truly an eye opening season and experiencing this magnificent place in such beautiful and crisp weather was awesome.

When I think of fall, I will always have thoughts of our trip to PIE, along with so many others we have taken during this wonderful time of year. The photo below was taken in Avonlea. A beautiful trail surrounded with various shades of green and hints of red and orange. It was truly lovely. I like to think autumn is a reminder of the adventures and hardships life can bring. Stripping down the layers and shedding pieces of yourself can truly be invigorating. When you dig deep and let go of any negative energy you may be carrying, your true colors will shine. And although the sun isn’t glowing as much as it used to, it’s warmth can be felt from those who truly open up to it.

Inspiration Photo Friday: Autumn Adventures - © Melissa O'Connor-Arena