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Lately, I’ve been feeling pulled into service a lot more. Supporting and helping people who truly need it. This has always been a way of life for me, giving to others, being kind and spreading the love. But these past few months have sort of channeled the giver in me and I just want to do so much more. I don’t have much money but I donate and send gifts when I can. I’m pretty busy but I try to share my time when others need it. I’m growing my business but I often discount my services and offer freebies here and there. I just want to bring sunshine to peoples lives and help light up those souls who need it most. And I am thinking up more ways do just that.
This year hasn’t been easy. I dealt with and still am dealing with personal issues. I have friends going through their own challenges that range from health issues to losing loved ones. We are all fighting some type of battle, big or small. And with support, encouragement, and kindness, we can make a difference in how those battles turn out. People need each other. We weren’t meant to go through anything alone. We are all connected. And there is no better time than now to open your heart to the ones who need it, want it and deserve it. During my break, I am going to come up with ways to help my community more and help lift up the people I love. What are ways you can spread more kindness? The way I see it, giving is always a win-win.