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We started fungus week with some fun projects and lessons. I was also able to find some mushrooms from our yard for us to study, along with a few dried specimens we had from the spring.

  • we learned the parts of a mushroom from the book Molds, Mushrooms & Other Fungi by Steve Parker
  • drew a mushroom in our nature journal and labeled the parts
  • watched a short video from National Geographic, You Didn’t Know Mushrooms Could Do All This, and learned the growth process and so many cool things you can make with mushrooms
  • completed a cut and paste exercise and created a pattern with a mushroom template from printabletreats.com
  • read the poem The Elf and The Dormouse by Oliver Herford
  • checked our fungus project I put together Sunday to see if any mold grew yet, it didn’t

Took a break, a nap, had some lunch and then dove back into our lessons…

  • Spent some time outside for fresh air and explored the yard for mushrooms
  • Read Mushrooms in the Rain by Mirra Ginsburg
  • practiced numbers with my first official lesson design, Mushroom Math
  • made the cutest little mushrooms from egg carton pieces I got from @magichomeschoolbus

We also practiced the letter F and opposites with some fun worksheets. Besides having a headache all day and Elliot having about 3 tantrums, we checked a lot off our list and had a good day.