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This week we are studying trees during spring. I always enjoy this subject and since we have learned so much about trees already it’s been awesome seeing how much Elliot remembers. We started our lesson with a good book, practiced the letter T and numbers, a fun dot painting, and went over the anatomy of a tree. We also learned about dendrochronology, observed a tree in our backyard, and had an art sesh. Then after lunch for our mini lesson we read a beautiful story about a girl and her favorite tree, learned a little about fruit trees, and observed a twig from our cherry tree.

  • Be a Friend to Trees by Patricia Lauber
  • Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman
  • Anatomy of a Tree print by @honeycombcabin
  • Under My Tree by Muriel Tallandier and Mizuho Fujisawa
  • Starting with Nature Tree Book by Pamela Hickman