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It’s all about honey bees this week in our nature study! We started our lesson with a few good books and learned about the life cycle, the types of bees and their jobs, and how they make honey. Then looked at their anatomy, completed a life cycle worksheet, practiced line work and reviewed letters.

We also played a counting game I created. You can either use dice or just choose a number and then your child adds that amount of bees to the hive. You can download this for free along with a letter activity from my Honey Bee Unit! Just visit graystardesign.com/homeschool. Bees are pretty awesome and we can’t wait to learn more ✨

  • Are You a Bee? by Judy Allen
  • The Bee Book by Charlotte Milner
  • Anatomy print by @stephhathawaydesigns
  • Life cycle worksheet by @hudson_academy
  • Line work sheet by @wanderandwonder.studio
  • BEE worksheet by Twisty Noodle and E dab & dot worksheet by @superstarworksheets
  • Hive Counting by yours truly