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I’ve always loved books and reading and have collected quite a few over the years despite moving a ton of times. Yep, those heavy boxes came with me. Mostly art books but a mix of others as well. (I have always wanted to work in a library or book store) So it’s no surprise we would have a large growing library for Elliot. Where do you keep your books around the house?

We have them everywhere but a few main areas store most. Elliot’s room has two bookshelves, the tall one is mostly filled with various stories and the other has a mix of books and toys. There they are grouped by winter/Christmas, little golden books, and board books he doesn’t want to part with yet. Then we have the two shelves in the playroom (which is where we also do lessons) that have our study books. I also keep some in the studio for him. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I also utilize the resources at the library and come out with a bag full or more each week and usually check out the thrift section for new ones. You can’t beat paying 10 cents for a book! We love our local library 😊 I always say you can’t have enough books. And I am honored to share the love I have for stories, learning, and reading with Elliot. It’s something that will enrich his life for years to come.