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This week we started the new @harborandsprout curriculum and love it! The theme for this month is botany so for the rest of August we will explore all things plants, as well as continue with the @raisinglittleshoots nature curriculum. I also follow @discoverwildlearning for our math lessons. We covered a ton this week!

Parts of a plant, plant cells, what plants need to live, seeds, pollination, sight words, poetry, math, art studies, the 5 senses, and patterns. We also had a music study, looked at some beautiful artwork, and played a few rounds of nature & letter bingo. Each week the fun and learning continues.

  • Nature bingo by @sosimpleabeginning
  • Number cards by @morningstogether
  • Letter bingo by @thepeacefulpress
  • Shadow matching by @mylittlehandslearn
  • Concrete poem unit by @harborandsprout
  • Letter cards by @morningstogether
  • Senses unit by @theeverydayplanner_
  • Summer senses book by @sosimpleabeginning
  • Jar printable & letters by @morningstogether

Open books:

  • The Original Mother Goose
  • Art: The World of Art, from Aboriginal to American Pop, Renaissance Masters to Postmodernism
  • A Humble Life by Linda Oatman High
  • The Big Book of Blooms by Yuval Zommer