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Elliot and I had more botany fun this week with a ton of cool lessons. People we learned about were Carl Linnaeus and Agnes Arber, along with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, greenhouses and herbs. We also looked at some nice art, played games, had an awesome music lesson about crescendos, and read about some cool plants. And of course we fit in some fun math lessons, stories, phonics/sight words, and introduced synonyms.

We are finishing up the last few units of the botany theme and prepping for all the fun things for September. Elliot will be starting a new co-op mid month and at home we will dive into the @harborandsprout visual arts curriculum, as well as the farm guide from the @thepeacefulpress. And lots of fun nature studies in between as we follow along enwc with @raisinglittleshoots. I am so excited for autumn ✨

  • Units by @harborandsprout
  • Herb cards by yours truly, download for free at graystardesign.com/homeschool
  • Leaf rubbing worksheet by @_littlewrenplays

Open books:

  • Pretty Tricky: The Sneaky Ways Plants Survive by Etta Kaner
  • Wee Sing: Children’s Songs and Fingerplays
  • Art: The World of Art, from Aborginal to American Pop, Renaissance Masters to Postmodernism