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Here is another great piece from Arcane Arts designer, Adrienne Vita. I love this color scheme because it is dark but not gloomy. There is a fun sensibility to it that I am attracted to. Somewhat childlike and definitely fantasy inspired. I think we all wondered at one time, what lies beneath, right? This is a little look into the world that lives underneath us, shown from Adrienne’s perspective.

Organically drawn and brilliantly brought to life, What Lies Beneath draws you in to a space that is quiet, misunderstood and deep. Mirroring that feel are pastel hues that add a touch of whimsy. Together the darker colors help weigh down a space while the lighter peach and blue are soothing enough to bring it all together. This palette would be perfect for a living room or office space as well as a romantic wedding or event.

Arcane Arts - What Lies Beneath