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Directed by Ridley Scott in 1985, Legend is a tale of fantasy and adventure. A time when fairies and goblins roamed the mystical forests and unicorns were wild and free. The film features the Lord of Darkness, played by Tim Curry, whom sets out to capture the two unicorns who keep the power of light safe and destroy them only to keep the horns to create a never-ending darkness.

The two other main characters, Princess Lily (Mia Sara) and Jack (Tom Cruise), are in the forest at the time of the unicorn attack. Once the unicorns are hit, they run and Jack thinks its because of Princess Lily, not knowing of the goblins shooting the poisonous dart. As a game, she takes her ring and tosses it into the lake, saying whomever finds it she will marry. Of course Jack jumps in. But while he is underwater the top freezes due to the goblins cutting the unicorns horn. This is where the journey begins!

Filled with love, horror and amazement, Legend is a beautiful film that is showcased through a world wind of hues. With the fight between light and darkness, one travels within plenty of Earth’s natural color scheme. This cult classic is not to be missed. For a generation who surely misses the 80s, it has become a cult classic. For the ones who surpassed this great time in film, sit back, turn off the lights and get ready for a step back into the past where imaginations soar and Mother Nature takes over.

Color in Films: Legend