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Across the Universe is a beautiful love story packed with creativity, art & design and fantastic colorful imagery. Directed by Julie Taynor, the film is written to go along with songs composed by The Beatles and is presented through a theater style perspective bringing tons of dramatic flair.

Bringing us back to the wild times of the 70s, Across the Universe takes us through the lives of six young people who try to  find themselves in a world where war surrounds them. Losing loved ones, trying to survive and falling in love are three main topics of the film. The story is mesmerizing and the music is unforgettable. The visual and creative aspect of the film is what lures the viewer in to a place where colors soar and the mind travels through galaxies. The energy and emotion between the characters is like the big cherry on top.

Across the Universe explores every color of the rainbow with a color scheme so vibrant and free, it makes you feel like you’re the one on LSD. You gotta love the 70s! Take a ride back in time and experience young love with all the fixings. You might even want to get up and soar the across the universe yourself.

Color in Films: Across the Universe